Dealing With Stomach Injuries After Missouri and Kansas Car Crashes

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Dealing With Stomach Injuries After Missouri and Kansas Car Crashes

Many injuries that people incur in car accidents immediately present themselves as serious conditions. While things like cuts or broken bones are immediately noticeable, other conditions do not always promptly reveal themselves. Sometimes referred to as delayed symptoms, these injuries can prevent some unique challenges. Many stomach issues that arise due to the impact of a car accident do not immediately make themselves known. Below are important details involving the nature of stomach injuries and illnesses caused by motor vehicle crashes.

How Your Body Responds to Car Crashes

Accidents sometimes cause a person to experience surges of adrenaline throughout their body. Adrenaline is a chemical utilized by the body to stay awake and alert. After car crashes occur, adrenaline often rushes in quickly so that crash victims do not have to fully experience the physical stress and strain associated with a car crash. Adrenaline can lead to delayed onset of injury symptoms and pain, which means a delay before a person notices that he or she was injured in a crash. As a result, it can take hours or even days for an accident victim to notice the signs of their stomach injury.

Stomach Cramps Following Car Crashes is Common

The physical trauma associated with car accidents can cause abdominal cramps as well as other stomach injuries. Remember, a seat belt is designed to keep a motorist restrained in his or her seat if a collision occurs. Because the external force is substantial and extreme, seat belt locks can help keep motorists in place during a crash, preventing further injury. Due to the substantial amount of force directed toward a person’s abdomen, though, various stomach injuries often become apparent after car accidents.

The Causes of Stomach Injuries

The primary cause of stomach injuries is referred to as “seat belt syndrome” and involves a person’s body being pressed against a seatbelt. This term describes how a body reacts to being pushed by a seatbelt during sudden stops. Seat belt syndrome can range from serious injuries like internal organ damage to light bruising or cuts. Other cases of seat belt syndrome, however, can result in internal bleeding.

Understanding When to See a Medical Provider for Stomach Issues

It is critical to obtain medical care after being involved in a car crash, even if the wreck was seemingly a minor one. The best-case scenario is that the medical provider will not locate anything and you will promptly be discharged. Sometimes, you might not notice any symptoms associated with a stomach injury until days or weeks after a crash. If you spot anything, including bloody stools or urine, confusion, headaches, changes with your blood pressure, or neck pain, you should see a medical provider immediately.

Contact a Compassionate Car Crash Attorney

If you or a loved one is experiencing a stomach injury after a car crash, you have several options to treat this condition. You also have the right to hold the party who caused your crash accountable for your resulting damages. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free evaluation.

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