Family Member Severely Hurt in an Accident? Four Key Personal Injury Considerations

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Family Member Severely Hurt in an Accident? Four Key Personal Injury Considerations

A catastrophic accident can change a person’s entire life in an instant. Whether it is a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, or need for an amputation, catastrophic accidents require immediate emergency attention and the proper ongoing care. These are complicated legal cases. Our Kansas City catastrophic accident lawyer highlights four of the most important considerations to keep in mind during the personal injury claims process.

Consideration #1: Your Family Member May Need Additional Support Navigating their Claim

When a family member suffers a severe injury, the civil legal claims process that stands in front of them can be daunting, complex, and even overwhelming. During these challenging times, it is vital to recognize that they may require extra support in handling their claim. Going through insurance policies, legal procedures, and other matters can be deeply challenging for someone in recovery. The assistance family members can provide comes in various forms—from helping to organize documents to schedule appointments to providing emotional support.

Consideration #2: Long-Term Medical Care/Rehabilitative Care is Often Required

Severe accidents often lead to the need for long-term medical care or rehabilitative services. Along with other things, this may include surgeries, physical therapy, mental health counseling, medication, and medical devices. The need can extend for months or even years. It is important to understand that the cost of such care can be significant. Ongoing and long-term medical needs must be addressed during the personal injury claims process.

Consideration #3: The Victim May Never Be Able to Return to Work (Diminished Earnings)

A severe injury can alter a person’s life trajectory—especially so as it relates to their career. In some cases, the victim may never be able to return to their former job or work at all, leading to a loss of income and financial stability. It is a reality that can be distressing and can affect the victim’s sense of identity and self-worth. When pursuing a personal injury claim, one of the important considerations is the long-term impact on earning potential. A settlement or verdict should include these damages.

Consideration #4: Insurance Coverage and Insurance Policy Limits Can Be a Big Issue

Finally, another big factor that can be an issue in catastrophic injury claims is insurance coverage and insurance policy limits. Often, the amount of compensation available will depend, in part, on the at-fault party’s insurance policy limits. It is imperative that victims of catastrophic injury claims are prepared to explore all potential sources of compensation, including the victim’s own insurance policies, such as health insurance or underinsured motorist coverage.

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