Five Tips for Safely Using a Navigational Device as a Missouri Motorist

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Five Tips for Safely Using a Navigational Device as a Missouri Motorist

Navigational devices or Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) are invaluable tools for motorists. Equipped with these devices, drivers always have detailed instructions available about how to reach a destination. While advantageous, navigational devices have been shown to have played a role in numerous car crashes. Sometimes this is a result of inaccurate directions, and other times this is because a driver may be distracted by their GPS device. This leaves many motorists wondering if the benefits outweigh the risks associated with using their navigational devices. All motorists should learn now just how navigational-related accidents occur and also how to prevent them.

Understand How GPS Devices Work

Many motor vehicle drivers have relied on navigational devices at some point while operating a vehicle. Most units tell users which lane they should travel in, what traffic regulations or enforcement are in effect, and when construction sites or car crashes are approaching. Navigational devices function in the following ways to keep drivers on track and traveling in the right direction:

  • Navigational devices inform motorists about their exact position at any one time. These devices rely on satellites stationed approximately 11,000 nautical miles above the earth’s surface to collect and transmit data.
  • Twice each day, GPS satellites orbit the planet and send signals of information back to earth.
  • Receivers use this information as well as coordinates to determine a motorist’s exact location and to direct them toward a destination.

Motorists should appreciate that with any type of technology, errors can occur. When errors occur, motorists should discontinue their reliance on navigational devices and should instead pull over when safe to do so and use other means (such as a map) to reach the destination.

Navigational Devices Cause Countless Distracted Driving Accidents

While they were created to be useful, GPS devices are responsible for countless car crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has even found that navigational devices are a leading cause of distracted driving crashes. Programming a navigational device has even been rated as one of the most demanding tasks that a motorist can perform because it takes approximately 40 seconds to finish. To fully process how quickly distracted driving accidents can occur, it is important to understand that crashes can occur if a motorist takes his or her off the road for even a mere second.

Inaccurate Directions Can Create Dangerous Situations

Navigational devices can lead to accidents. Anyone who utilizes a navigational device should appreciate that these devices are not infallible. Consequently, if a driver believes that there is an error in a suggested direction, it is often a good idea to safely pull over to the side of the road and determine how to proceed from there.

Program Your Directions Before Driving

Motorists should make sure to place directions into navigational directions into a device before heading out on the road. GPSs allow drivers to select countless options including where rest stops should be located. By analyzing and gaining a rough understanding of routes before operating a motor vehicle, drivers can greatly increase the chances of arriving at a destination safely.

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