Five Ways Police Reports can Help After a Missouri Car Accident Case

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Five Ways Police Reports can Help After a Missouri Car Accident Case

Data shows that there were 766 people killed and another 47,977 injured as a result of Missouri car accidents in 2014. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Missouri car crash, it is a good idea to contact law enforcement as soon as possible after your accident. Remember, state law allows you to hold the party responsible for the full extent of damages and injuries. To ensure that you receive maximum compensation, you will need to present your evidence that the accident and resulting damage the other driver’s fault. Police reports can play a valuable role in establishing fault in these accidents. Consider the following ways that police reports can help after Missouri car crashes.

Accident Reports Help to Establish Causation

One of the most important reasons to create an accident report is that it helps to establish causation or the link between and the damages for which an accident victim is now pursuing compensation. Because a police report can help document how an accident occurred, insurance companies are more skeptical of injury accidents that occur that are not reported to police. Remember insurance carriers look for any reason to reject insurance claims.

Accident Reports can Help to Establish Fault

Accident reports often include details about who law enforcement believed caused an accident, and this evidence can later be used to strengthen your claim. Besides determinations about fault, accident reports can also include things like descriptions of damage to vehicles, what injuries were incurred in an accident, when and where the accident happened, and the names of eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur. Sometimes, police reports even include diagrams of the accident scene, which can further help to establish fault for the accident.

Accident Reports Provide Statements of Fault

Law enforcement often will take statements from the people involved in an accident, and these details will be included in the police report. As a result, reports often provide varying perspectives about how an accident occurred, but sometimes also might include incriminating statements like an admission of fault. Sometimes, law enforcement also includes statements by eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur and can corroborate which party’s negligence caused the accident.

Photographs are Sometimes Provided in Accident Reports

With most serious accidents, law enforcement provides photographs or even videos establishing exactly how an accident occurred and the resulting damage. This footage often plays a highly persuasive role in establishing exactly how an accident occurred.

Details About Citations

Police reports note whether any drivers involved in an accident received citations. While this will not settle disputes about how an accident occurred, details about which drivers received what citations will certainly play a persuasive role.

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Missouri car accidents have the potential to create many complex issues. An experienced lawyer, however, can fight for the results you deserve. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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