Four Things to Do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle

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Four Things to Do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle

Four Things to Do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle

It is scary to learn that car entrapment can happen suddenly and more easily than most people think. While people can end up trapped in a vehicle following crashes, sometimes people end up stuck in parked cars due to electrical system failures. While we all hope this will never happen to us or our loved ones below is an overview of some important things to do if you end up stuck inside of a vehicle.

Remain Calm and Create a Plan

Whether it is after a crash or just in a parked car, if you end up stuck in a vehicle, you should do everything possible to avoid panicking. There is nothing wrong with taking a few moments to collect your thoughts or calm yourself before proceeding.

If you are familiar with the locations of the emergency handles for escape in your vehicle, try pulling them. You should also inspect all doors to see if they’re locked as well as the windows and if any are open or can be opened, escape through them. If your vehicle is not submerged in water, and you have a cell phone handy, try making a call. If you are in a public setting, try to gain the attention of passersby who might be able to help you get out or get help.

Things to Do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle: Break Glass (If You Can)

Sometimes, the only option that people have to escape from their vehicle is to break the windows. Unfortunately, breaking the window of a vehicle is much more difficult than it looks. A heavy object will not do the trick, and instead, only a specialty hammer-like product can perform the job. There are emergency kits specially designed for vehicles that include this window-breaking tool.

You should understand which windows to break as well as what happens when the glass breaks. It is often the best strategy to break your side windows, and because they are tempered glass, they will break into many small pieces. Some motor vehicle manufactures have recently begun to produce laminated side windows. If your side windows are made of laminate, rather than use a tool to break them, you will need to kick out the window completely.

Front windshields utilize different glass; they will simply crack and not break easily. These can be much more difficult and sometimes even impossible to breakthrough.

Consider the Trunk

If you are not able to break the windows of your vehicle, you should know that all vehicles built after 2002 contain a release lever inside the trunk. This lever is always easy to locate and glows in the dark, due to safety requirements. If your vehicle was built between the 1980s to 2002, the vehicle will likely have a trunk release cable inside the trunk that you can tug to open.

Prepare for Next Time

It is important to consider the risk that you might end up stuck in your vehicle. Consider purchasing a kit and the tool necessary to break the glass of the vehicle’s side windows. You should also consider reviewing your vehicle’s manual so you can learn the location of where all of the emergency handles are.

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