How Insurance Adjusters Can Use Your Words Against You

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How Insurance Adjusters Can Use Your Words Against You

If you or a loved one was involved in a car crash, you almost certainly reported the incident to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Insurance companies exist to help you recover compensation following accidents. Speaking to an adjuster can be challenging and sometimes destructive to a personal injury claim, however. Following a crash, many people are nervous or in physical discomfort and either give the wrong information or make statements that damage their compensation claim. Given that insurance companies are businesses, they are often interested in paying out as little as possible and routinely use any excuse possible to limit how much they must pay a person involved in an accident.

The Role of Insurance Companies

Motorists in Missouri and Kansas must insure their vehicles. The purpose of insurance is to prevent people from being required to pay out of pocket for medical or repair costs following accidents that are not their fault.

You Might Misspeak When Interacting With Insurance Adjusters

You might think that an adjuster is sympathetic to your case and wants to help make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. This, however, is rarely the case. Accident victims often make various mistakes when conversing with insurance adjusters. Some of the most common mistakes that people involved in crashes make when speaking to adjusters include:

  • You might apologize for the accident. This might later be used as an acknowledgment of guilt regarding your negligence.
  • You might speculate about what caused the crash. The adjuster might use a statement like this to place fault on you.
  • You might provide an adjuster with inaccurate information because you lacked a full understanding of the crash and the surrounding details. This information could end up working against you in the narrative of how the crash occurred.

Remember, adjusters are trained to pay as little on claims as possible. Even if you were a victim, the adjuster is trained to convince you to accept the lowest amount possible. Adjusters are also skilled at using their own words against you.

How You Should Respond if You Misspeak

If you speak with an adjuster and make mistakes that negatively impact the outcome of your case, you should consider obtaining the assistance of a skilled car crash lawyer. If you absolutely must speak with an adjuster, an attorney can inform you about what you should or should not say. Your attorney, unlike adjusters, is focused on making sure that you receive the best settlement available.

Insurance Adjusters Can Use Your Words Against You: Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident, you should avoid letting an adjuster’s interpretation of the statements impact your recovery. You can benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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