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How to Take Accident Photos

When car crashes occur in Missouri, victims are often left feeling uncertain about how to respond or what to do. Unfortunately, being unprepared can weaken an accident victim’s ability to obtain the compensation that they deserve. Instead of ending up overwhelmed, it is much better to be prepared in case you end up in a car accident.

One of the best things that a person can do following a crash is to preserve evidence of the crash by taking pictures of the accident scene. Pictures provide invaluable evidence about how a crash occurred and often can help show that the other involved party was liable. The following are three important things to remember about taking photographs of accident scenes.

What Photos Should You Take?

Make sure that you document all of the appropriate subjects when taking photos after your accident. Some of the accident photos that victims should take include:

  • General. Some photographs should depict the conditions of the road at the time as well as the location of the vehicle following the crash. Photos should also show whether any businesses or homes are close to the accident location.
  • Property damage. Accident victims should take pictures of the interior all vehicles that are involved in a crash. This includes taking photographs of scratches, broken glass, and any other damage that occurred. Photographs of the damaged interior of vehicles should be taken only if it is safe to do. You should be able to tell what you are looking at when viewing the photograph.
  • Injuries. It is a good idea to take photographs of any physical injuries of any person involved in the accident (the driver and any passengers).
  • Weather conditions. Photographs should be taken of the weather conditions at the time that the crash occurred. If factors like snow or ice contributed to the crash, it is particularly important to photograph these details.
  • Insurance and license details. If your phone’s camera can pick up the details, you should make sure to take photographs of information like the other driver’s license, the license plates of the vehicles involved, insurance policy details, and vehicle registration information.
  • Date and time stamp. If you utilize a camera to take photos, you should make sure that both the date and time on the photographs are correct. If you use a smartphone, however, these details should be automatically recorded.

Repercussions of Not Taking Photographs

If you do not take photographs, an insurance carrier for the driver who caused the crash might be better able to dispute how the accident occurred as well as who should be found responsible. Without evidence from the scene, arguments regarding fault may be based solely on the word of one driver against another. Sometimes, a lack of photographic evidence or other evidence can be interpreted by an insurance carrier as lack of documentable injuries. The absence of photographs can also make it difficult to establish that one driver negligently operated a vehicle.

Your Cell Phone Camera Will Suffice

The quality among cameras varies substantially. Remember, you are trying to preserve evidence rather than take top-notch photographs. As a result, any type of device that can take pictures will work. After the first cell phone cameras were introduced in 2002, this feature has become a mainstay in cell phone technology, and today’s cell phones tend to take very good pictures. Also, remember to enable your camera’s time and date stamp function.

Obtain the Assistance of a Compassionate Car Crash Lawyer

While car crashes last only a few seconds, they can have a long-lasting impact on victims and their loved ones. Fortunately, with the help of a compassionate accident attorney, victims are often able to obtain the compensation they deserve. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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