How You Can Lower the Risk of Nighttime Crashes

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How You Can Lower the Risk of Nighttime Crashes

Whether it is day, dusk, night, or dawn, Missouri and Kansas roads are often crowded with drivers. Some of these periods of the day (or night) are substantially more dangerous than others. For example, low-light situations are especially hazardous to drivers.

The National Safety Council has found that traffic deaths occur three times more during the night. While some drivers can rearrange schedules to avoid driving in low-light conditions, not everyone can do so. Below are some helpful techniques to follow while driving in low-light conditions to avoid ending up in an accident.

Use Your Headlights Appropriately

Make sure to use your headlights at dawn, dusk, and nighttime. This way, your vehicle remains visible to other drivers on the road and you can see the road ahead. You should use lowlights in most situations, and generally, only turn on your brights if you are in a rural area without street lights. In addition to using headlights correctly, there are other things you can do to combat the darkness, like dimming your dashboard, looking away from oncoming lights, keeping your windshield clean to eliminate streaks, and slowing down to compensate for limited visibility.

Lower the Risk of Nighttime Crashes: Avoid Distractions

During nighttime driving, you will likely need to pay closer attention to the road. You should avoid other distractions like talking on the phone that can take your mind off the task at hand. While you can eliminate your own distractions, it is impossible to do this for other drivers. If you are involved in a crash as the result of another person’s negligence, you can hold the driver accountable for your losses with the help of a car accident lawyer in Kansas City.

Plan Nighttime Driving in Advance

Drivers who are fatigued or unfamiliar with their surroundings are much more likely to end up in crashes. To avoid an accident, make sure to fully plan your trip before getting into your vehicle. By doing this, you can select safer or better-lit roads, which will make your trip easier to complete.

Lower the Risk of Nighttime Crashes: Appreciate the Danger of Intoxicated Drivers

Approximately 30 people die each day in accidents involving motorists who are impaired by alcohol. Impaired drivers are most commonly on the road after dark, especially between the hours of midnight to 3 am on weekends. If you spot someone on the road who is driving recklessly, swerving between lanes, or operating a vehicle in any other way that makes you think they are intoxicated, you should pull over and let this motorist pass. You should also call 911 and inform them that the driver is dangerously operating their vehicle and endangering others.

Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney

Regardless of what time of day the crash occurred, if you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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