Liability and Lane Change Accidents

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Liability and Lane Change Accidents

Approximately 4% of car accidents that occur in the United States involve lane-change collisions. While they might sound tame, lane change crashes can end up causing serious injuries, extensive property damage, and even fatalities. Understanding who is at fault for a lane change crash is a nuanced matter. Sometimes, the motorist who changes lanes is at fault, but other times, both drivers may both share a degree of fault in the crash. This article reviews some important issues to consider about fault for lane change accidents as well as what you can do to avoid accidents of this type.

Sometimes the Driver Switching Lanes is Responsible

The most common type of lane change collision happens when a motorist enters another lane and ends up causing a collision. In these situations, the driver who changes lanes is often liable for the crash. This is particularly true if the motorist changes lanes in a dangerous or unsafe way.

Both Drivers Can be Liable for a Crash

Sometimes, both motorists are responsible for a lane change crash. This is often the case when multiple drivers unsafely change lanes. Because neither motorist waits until they could safely change lanes, drivers can end up sharing the blame for a collision change crash.

Remember, Missouri is an at-fault state which means a motorist who causes a crash can be held responsible for injuries caused to other people in an accident, but Kansas is a modified no-fault state, which means that every Kansas auto insurance policy contains a no-fault provision, and people injured in Kansas can still pursue claims against the negligent driver that caused the accident.

How Distracted Driving Can Play a Role in Lane Change Crashes

Lane change crashes are often the result of distracted drivers. Distractions that elevate the chance of a crash include things like texting, eating, putting on makeup, or searching for something in the back seat while driving. Besides distracted driving, people who carelessly or recklessly drive a motor vehicle are at elevated odds of ending up in lane-change crashes.

Advice on How to Switch Lanes Safely

Drivers should remember to follow important advice when changing lanes. Adhering to these steps can greatly reduce a motorist’s chances of ending up in a crash:

  • Not signaling is one of the most easily avoided errors that drivers make. Make sure to signal to other motorists on the road so they are aware of your intentions to switch lanes.
  • Before switching lanes, inspect your side mirrors and rearview mirror to make sure that there’s adequate room in the adjacent lane.
  • After you switch lanes, you should make sure to turn off your signal lights. Some motorists fail to turn off the signals, which can lead to surrounding motorists becoming confused.

Liability and Lane Change Accidents: Obtain the Assistance of a Car Crash Lawyer

When car crashes occur, victims are often left uncertain about how to best proceed. One of the best steps that you can take in such a situation is to obtain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. Contact House Law LLC for assistance.

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