Local Report: Alarming Number of Motorcyclists Seriously Injured or Killed in Kansas City Metro Area Over Last Year

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Local Report: Alarming Number of Motorcyclists Seriously Injured or Killed in Kansas City Metro Area Over Last Year

On August 13, 2023, KC TV 5 News published an alarming report that highlights the high number of catastrophic motorcycle crashes that were reported in our region over the last 12 months. Since Mid-August of 2022, KC TV 5 News has officially reported on 20 motorcycle collisions within its viewing area that have resulted in a number of motorcyclists seriously injured or killed. It is an unnerving number that highlights the serious risks that motorcyclists face on our roads. Here, our Kansas City motorcycle injury lawyer highlights key things that you should know.

20 Major Motorcycle Crashes Over One Year, 16-Confirmed Fatalities

KC TV 5 News compiled a list of all of the motorcycle accidents that the news agency reported on from August 2022 through August 2023. Notably, the news organizations found that motorcycle accidents peak during summer in Kansas City. Despite motorcycles being only 2.6% of registered vehicles in Missouri, they account for 10% of road fatalities. Of the reported 21 victims (20 drivers, one passenger) from the last year: 17 died, four had critical injuries. A disproportionate share of motorcyclists killed in collisions were reportedly not wearing a DOT-approved safety helmet at the time of the accident.

Note: KC TV 5 News cautions that this analysis is only made up of the motorcycle accidents that the news agency actually reported on. As not all serious motorcycle accidents are reported to local news, it is certain that more collisions occurred. Many significant motorcycle accident injuries that happened in Kansas City over the last 12 months are likely not covered by this report.

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips That You Can Use

The reality is that riding a motorcycle carries inherent risks. Motorcyclists have limited protection. That being said, there are proactive measures that riders in Kansas City can use to protect their safety. Here are four motorcycle safety tips that you can implement today:

  • Wear the Right Safety Gear: A helmet is the most critical piece of safety equipment. Be sure that your motorcycle helmet meets safety standards. It should fit snugly. In addition to helmets, gloves, a durable jacket, long pants, and over-the-ankle boots can all help.
  • Make Your Bike Visible: Motorcycles are less noticeable than cars. Always have your headlights on. Use reflective tape or stickers on your bike, and consider wearing reflective clothing. When changing lanes or turning, use turn signals and hand signals.
  • Practice Defensive Driving: Assume that other drivers might not see you. Stay out of drivers’ blind spots, especially larger vehicles like trucks and buses. As motorcyclists in Kansas City, you should always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front to avoid being seriously injured.
  • Conduct Regular Motorcycle Maintenance: Keeping your bike in top condition is a safety essential. Regularly check the brakes, lights, horn, and tire conditions. Be sure that your motorcycle is serviced regularly to reduce the risk of problems.

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