Motorist Hurt After Running Stop Sign, Colliding With Kansas City Police Department SUV

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Motorist Hurt After Running Stop Sign, Colliding With Kansas City Police Department SUV

On June 24, 2024, the Kansas City Star reported that one motorist was hurt after a collision with an SUV owned by the Kansas City Police Department at an intersection. Notably, the driver allegedly ran a stop sign. Here, our Kansas City car accident attorney provides an overview of the accident, stop sign risk, and the process for bringing a claim after a crash with a law enforcement vehicle.

What We Know: Driver Hurt After Crash With Police SUV in Kansas City

As confirmed by the Kansas City Star, a driver was injured and hospitalized in stable condition after his car—reported to be a—Mitsubishi Endeavor, failed to stop at a sign. The vehicle was then struck by a northbound Kansas City Police Department sport utility vehicle (SUV). The accident occurred at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and East 57th Street in the southeastern corner of the city. Notably, two people within the SUV suffered minor injuries. The Kansas City Police Department is still investigating the crash.

Stop Sign Violations Contribute to a Significant Number of Motor Vehicle

Unfortunately, stop sign violations are a major contributing factor to traffic collisions. When drivers ignore or miss stop signs, they disrupt the flow of traffic. It can put themselves and others at a serious risk. Notably, stop sign violations can lead to both side-impact crashes or head-on collisions. It can also result in pedestrian crashes. These are especially dangerous types of wrecks.

Motor Vehicle Accident Liability is Based on Fault

Car accident injury claims are handled at the state level. Whether you were involved in a crash in Kansas or Missouri, it is crucial to know that motor vehicle accident liability is primarily based on determining fault. The negligence party can be held legally responsible for the resulting crash damage. Stop sign violations are among the most common types of negligence in car crash cases.

A Car Accident Claim Can Be Filed Against a Police Department (Complex Cases)

Filing a car accident claim against a police department can be complex due to the specific legal protections and procedures that apply to law enforcement agencies. These claims often require proving that the officer was negligent in their duties, such as driving recklessly or ignoring traffic signals. Technically, government agencies—including state and local police departments—have sovereign immunity. However, there are tort claims laws in Kansas and Missouri that allow injured victims to hold government agencies liable. With that being said, specialized claims procedures apply. If you were involved in a crash with a police car or any other type of government vehicle and you believe that you may have a viable claim, a top Kansas City personal injury lawyer can help.

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