New Vehicle Technology Can Serve as a Distraction

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New Vehicle Technology Can Serve as a Distraction

As time passes, motor vehicles incorporate a wider range of technology. While we might not have reached the point where all vehicles operate autonomously, many technological features in cars today were unheard of decades ago.

While both federal and state regulations prohibit motorists from talking on their cell phones while driving, some driving behaviors still fall outside the purview of government control. For example, many states still lack regulations addressing the use of car infotainment systems while operating a motor vehicle.

Individuals who are harmed in accidents caused by distracted drivers still have rights. If you were injured in an accident with a motorist who was distracted by an infotainment system, you have the right to pursue compensation just as if the driver was distracted by any other factor.

The Threat Presented by Car Infotainment Systems

Infotainment systems are central hubs that allow drivers to change music, switch air conditioning, make phone calls, and perform other activities. While these centers were intended to lower the rate of driver distraction by presenting all necessary controls in one central area, they do not always work in the desired manner.

One study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that infotainment systems lead to drivers of all ages paying less attention while on the road. Despite this data, few states or federal actors have made efforts to address how infotainment systems are used.

New Vehicle Technology: How Infotainment Systems Cause Crashes

Most people with modern vehicles have some sort of infotainment system. Unfortunately, all of these devices can distract motorists and end up causing accidents. When drivers use these systems, they take their eyes as well as their focus off the road. When drivers are distracted in such a way, various undesirable consequences occur including:

  • Delayed reaction time
  • Inability to make quick choices
  • Increased odds of missing debris in the road

Personal Injury Laws and Infotainment Systems

Missouri and Kansas have laws that prohibit drivers from operating motor vehicles in a distracted manner. If a driver relies on an infotainment system in a way that ends up leading to an accident, details of this usage can later be used to show that the driver was entirely or partially at fault for the accident.

Unfortunately, it is often challenging to establish that a driver was distracted by something while operating a vehicle. Some types of evidence that can be used to show playing with an infotainment system led to your crash include:

  • Acquiring law enforcement reports, video footage, and testimony from anyone who saw the accident happen
  • Evaluating the infotainment system that was involved in the crash
  • Determining if any aftermarket adjustments were made to the vehicle

Remember to act quickly after an accident. The more time that you take to pursue action, the greater the probability that important evidence related to your crash will be lost.

New Vehicle Technology: Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one was involved in a crash with a distracted driver, one of the best things you can do is speak with an experienced attorney. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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