One Person Killed, One Other Seriously Injured in a Single Car Crash in Kansas City

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One Person Killed, One Other Seriously Injured in a Single Car Crash in Kansas City

According to reporting from Fox 4 Kansas City, one person was killed, and one other person was hurt in a single car crash in Kansas City earlier this month. Law enforcement officers responded to a collision near the intersection of N. James St. and Interstate 70 (I-70). The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department (KCKPD) investigated the crash.

Federal data shows that approximately half of all motor vehicle accidents reported nationwide are single-vehicle crashes. Navigating the aftermath of a single-vehicle accident can be especially challenging. In this article, our Kansas City car accident lawyer highlights the key things to know about single-vehicle collision claims.

Document Your Single Vehicle Crash and Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

When you are involved in a single-vehicle accident, it is crucial to document the crash carefully. Gather as much evidence as possible; take pictures of the accident scene, the condition of your vehicle, any property damage, and any visible injuries. These pictures can provide invaluable visual evidence and can help explain the events leading up to and following the accident. Next, ensure you report the accident to law enforcement promptly. Both Missouri law and Kansas law require that all injury crashes must be reported to the police.

Another Party May Still Bear Responsibility for Your One Car Accident

Contrary to common perception, just because you were the only vehicle involved in the accident does not necessarily mean you were at fault. Other parties may bear some responsibility. For example, if poor road conditions due to lack of maintenance caused the accident, the local government or road authority might be liable. Similarly, if your accident was due to a vehicle malfunction, the manufacturer could be held accountable for producing a defective product. Other potentially liable parties could include construction companies for unsafe work zones or private property owners for hazards causing an accident.

You May Have a Claim Through Your Own Insurance Company

Finally, you should not overlook the potential claim through your own insurance company. Most auto insurance policies include coverage for damages and injuries sustained in single-vehicle accidents. Among other things, this may include collision coverage, which pays for damage to your vehicle regardless of who was at fault and/or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage or medical payments (MedPay) coverage can help cover your damages. You do not have to take on an insurance company alone. An experienced Kansas City car crash lawyer will protect your rights and interests.

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