Post-concussion Symptoms Linked to Increased Depression Rates

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Post-concussion Symptoms Linked to Increased Depression Rates

Post-concussion symptoms have been connected in a recent study to an increased risk of being diagnosed with depression. The study involved a comprehensive analysis of 18 research projects and over 9,000 patients. The researchers from the University of Ottawa and Bloorview Research Institute in Toronto noted that persistent post-concussion symptoms (PPCS) increased the risk of experiencing depressive symptoms.

Treatment Challenges at the Heart of the Study

There are several critical implications of this study. The primary impact is that the creation of strategies to effectively prevent and diagnose mental health recovery as soon as possible after an injury needs to be implemented. Approximately 15% to 30% of people with concussions continue encountering these symptoms for years after their accidents.

One of the biggest challenges involved with diagnosing post-concussion symptoms is that they are routinely difficult to diagnose. Some symptoms of these diseases include (but are not limited to) headaches, dizziness, cognitive challenges, and sudden changes to a person’s emotions.

Connection Between PPCS and Mental Health

The link between PPCS and mental health repercussions has been an area of substantial scientific research over the last decade. Various studies have pointed to a link between PPCS and depressive symptoms. People with PPCS are at an increased rate of experiencing depressive symptoms, which predict prolonged post-concussion recovery.

Potential Repercussions of The Study

This study comes after previous research by individuals that revealed people with PPCS had more mental health challenges than people who fully recovered from concussions, as well as the healthy control group. This study, however, did not consider the link between PPCS and mental health conditions. The researchers were also interested in deciding whether depressive symptoms and PPCS differed due to someone’s age, sex, mental health condition, concussion history, and how much time has elapsed since the injury.

The Potential Repercussions of the Study

The study could end up having substantial health impacts. The researchers who conducted the study view it as a critical step forward in understanding the connection between PPCS and mental health. The researchers also believe that the study could aid in the creation of optimal strategies for treating someone after a concussion.

Evaluation of the Study’s Results

Commenting on the study, a professor in neurosurgery at the University of Toronto’s Toronto Western Hospital remarked that the researchers performed detailed reviews of the research involved. This neurosurgeon also commented that the results show that depression occurs in noticeable numbers in victims who also have PPCS.

The director at the Canadian Concussion Center was not involved in the current study. They commented that in the current era of scientific research, clinical discoveries are confirmed through case reports and single-center cohorts that perform studies like this one. As a result, if your loved one has incurred a brain injury, you should also make sure that the loved one is adequately screened for mental health illnesses.

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