Semi-Truck Involved in Fatal Crash in Kansas City Metro Area

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Semi-Truck Involved in Fatal Crash in Kansas City Metro Area

According to a report from KMBC News, a large commercial semi-truck was involved in a fatal crash in South Kansas City. A 42-year-old trucker named Tony Wyman was determined to be the victim of the wreck. A preliminary investigation suggests that he was attempting to avoid debris on Interstate-435 (I-435) shortly before the crash happened. Within this article, our Kansas City semi-truck accident attorney explains what we know about the crash.

Fatal Semi-Truck Accident in South Kansas City

A fatal crash that involved a semi-truck occurred on I-435 near Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday morning. This resulted in the death of the truck driver. The crash was triggered by an attempt to avoid debris from a pickup truck, leading to a collision and subsequent fire. The incident closed five lanes for five hours. It was a catastrophic scene. According to reports, fire crews utilized multiple resources to control the flames. Police are seeking witnesses to describe the pickup truck involved. Notably, the driver of a Honda Civic involved in the collision was uninjured, and no other injuries or secondary accidents were reported. The accident is still under a more comprehensive investigation.

An Overview of Liability for a Crash Caused By Something Falling Off a Vehicle

In both Missouri and Kansas, liability for a motor vehicle collision—whether a car crash, semi-truck accident, or any other type of crash—is based on fault. A number of different parties may potentially be legally liable for a wreck caused by debris falling off of a vehicle. A liable party may be:

  • Driver Responsibility: The driver’s role in ensuring that all cargo is secured properly cannot be understated. A failure to do so may lead to a crash, for which the driver may be held liable.
  • Vehicle Owner Responsibility: If an incident occurs due to poor maintenance or inadequate equipment provided by the owner to secure the load, the owner may be found responsible. Inadequate maintenance can contribute to a serious crash in Kansas City.
  • Manufacturer Responsibility: When a defect in the vehicle or equipment used to secure the load leads to a crash, the manufacturer might be held liable. Notably, this can also extend to a failure to provide proper warnings and instructions.

Every crash caused by debris or something else coming loose from a vehicle should be comprehensively investigated. It is crucial that injured victims know exactly what happened. An experienced Kansas City auto accident lawyer can help you seek the full and fair financial compensation that you deserve.

Contact Our Kansas City Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer for Immediate Legal Help

At House Law LLC, our Kansas City semi-truck accident attorney is an experienced advocate for victims and families. If you or your loved one was involved in a catastrophic truck accident, we are here as a legal resource. Contact our personal injury team today to set up your no-cost, no-obligation consultation. With an office in Kansas City, we handle truck accident claims in Missouri and Kansas.

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