Three Special Issues With Emergency Vehicle Accidents

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Three Special Issues With Emergency Vehicle Accidents

All motorists are obligated to pull over to the side road when they see flashing lights or hear sirens. We all share this duty because emergency vehicles are in a hurry to save someone’s life. Because motorists must act quickly, however, they do not always manage to pull over safely. The following outlines some unique issues that motorists encounter when they get into accidents with emergency vehicles.

Emergency Vehicle Drivers can Still be Negligent

The drivers of emergency vehicles are subject to the same road regulations as other drivers. This means that even if emergency vehicle drivers are responding to a 911 call, they must still drive with the same degree of caution as other drivers. This holds true even though emergency vehicle drivers are sometimes permitted to drive vehicles in a manner that violates traffic laws. Emergency drivers must still make sure that they operate their vehicle is in the best interest of others on the road.

What Drivers Should Do When an Emergency Vehicle is Approaching

Drivers should always remain observant of their surroundings, which includes listening and looking for sirens and flashing lights. The sooner that drivers notice emergency vehicles approaching, the more time they will have to respond in a safe manner. Motor vehicle drivers must then give the emergency vehicle ample room to pass, but must do so in a way that avoids placing others on the road in danger. This means, not running red lights or traffic signs or operating a vehicle in any other way that endangers other motorists on the road.

Know How to Respond to Accidents with Emergency Vehicles

If you are involved in an accident with an emergency vehicle, there are some critical steps that you should remember to follow. Remember, road regulations apply in these situations in the same way that they would in any other situation. Drivers should remember to take the following steps after these accidents:

  • Avoid fleeing or leaving the accident scene, even if you believe both drivers and vehicles are okay. Instead, pull your vehicle over to the side of the road so traffic can keep moving.
  • Call 911 so the accident can be reported.
  • Exchange critical details with the other driver including driver’s license, insurance details, and vehicle registration information.
  • Receive a medical evaluation even if you do not believe you have been seriously injured. In many cases involving head injuries and internal bleeding, it takes some time before the extent of a person’s injuries can be fully appreciated.
  • Inform your insurance carrier that an accident occurred. This will make your case much easier in case you eventually need to press charges or pursue insurance benefits.

Obtain the Services of a Skilled Car Crash Lawyer

If someone else caused your accident, remember that you have rights as a crash victim. One of these rights includes the ability to pursue compensation from the party who caused your accident. Do not hesitate to speak with House Law LLC today.

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