Two Hurt, including Child Passenger, in Motorcycle Crash in Kansas City

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Two Hurt, including Child Passenger, in Motorcycle Crash in Kansas City

According to a report from Fox 4 Kansas City, two people were hurt in a motorcycle accident at an intersection in the southern corner of the child. Notably, a child passenger was among those injured in the collision. Within this article, our Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney lawyer explains what we know about the crash and discusses the claims process in Missouri.

Motorcycle Crash at Intersection in Kansas City

A bad motorcycle crash was reported in south Kansas City. The collision—which happened at the intersection of West 72nd Street and Ward Parkway—involved a Ford Ranger and a motorcycle. The motorcycle, carrying an adult and a child, collided with the Ford after entering an intersection. The adult motorcyclist, who was critically injured in the crash, was not wearing a helmet. The child, who was also seriously hurt, was wearing a helmet. Neither the driver nor the passenger in the Ford suffered physical injuries. The motorcycle accident is still under a more comprehensive investigation by the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

Motorcyclists are Vulnerable—Especially Child Passengers

In this accident, the motorcyclist and the child passenger both suffered serious injuries. In contrast, the occupants of the full-sized vehicle were not harmed. This is not unusual in multi-vehicle motorcycle accident cases. Motorcyclists face heightened risks on the road. Unlike cars, motorcycles offer minimal protection, exposing riders to severe injuries during accidents. Children are especially vulnerable. Notably, Missouri has a mandatory motorcycle helmet law for minors. In fact, all riders under the age of 26 must wear a helmet. Older riders can ride without a helmet—but that is never a good decision. Motorcycle helmets can help to prevent severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Every Motorcycle Crash Must Be Thoroughly Investigated

Missouri is a fault-based motorcycle accident jurisdiction. It operates under a pure comparative negligence state—meaning every party to a crash can be held liable for their “share” of the fault. With this in mind, every motorcycle crash requires a thorough investigation. An investigation, which should be conducted by an attorney, is needed to determine the exact causes/contributing factors of the crash. Your attorney will help you gather the evidence you need to prove fault.

Injured Motorcyclists Have a Right to Seek Financial Compensation

Motorcycle accident victims in Missouri have the right to seek compensation for their economic losses and their intangible damages, including bike repairs, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disability. A parent or guardian can bring a motorcycle accident injury claim on behalf of a child. Though, settlement may need to be approved by a Missouri court.

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