Why Insurance Carriers Refuse to Settle Car Crash Claims

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Why Insurance Carriers Refuse to Settle Car Crash Claims

Car crash injury claims are settled when opposing parties reach a mutual agreement to resolve a case without needing a jury trial. In arriving at a settlement, it is common for both parties to compromise, at least a little. Sometimes, however, insurance carriers are not agreeable to making fair offers or even any offers at all. In these situations, it is often in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you receive the compensation that you need.

Common Reasons Why Insurance Providers Decline to Settle

A large number of personal injury cases are resolved outside of the courtroom between the accident victim and the party responsible for the crash. In some situations, though, insurance companies simply refuse to settle. Some of the most common reasons why insurance carriers decline to reach a settlement include the following:

  • Inadequate proof. One of the most common reasons why insurance providers refuse to settle is inadequate proof. Insurance providers do not make offers without first investigating how accidents occurred. In piecing together how an accident happened, insurance carriers routinely rely on surveillance footage as well as police reports and eyewitness accounts of how an accident happened. Insurance carriers also need proof of the injuries that were incurred in a crash and what treatment was received to treat these injuries. If there is inadequate proof about how an accident occurred, insurance carriers will decline to make an offer to an accident victim.
  • Pre-existing injuries. Insurance carriers routinely decide not to resolve claims because they find evidence about an accident victim’s injury that existed before the accident. In these situations, insurance carriers routinely argue that a crash victim’s pain or discomfort is due to a condition that existed before the accident instead of something that was directly caused by the incident.
  • The responsible party was not insured. Insurance providers are only accountable for compensating accident victims who were harmed by the policyholder. If for whatever reason, the party who caused the accident was not covered at the time the accident happened, the insurance carrier is not required to pay compensation.
  • Procedural issues. Insurance providers require specific regulations to be followed when a claim is initiated. If an accident victim fails to follow these claims, the victim might lose the possibility of receiving compensation.

Insurance Providers Sometimes Act in Bad Faith

Insurance carriers often try to delay settlements by requesting detailed information or taking an unnecessary amount of time to provide a counteroffer. These tactics are used by insurance providers to wear down accident victims so they will give up and accept less than what they deserve in compensation. Other times, insurance providers fail to perform adequate accident investigations. Insurance providers, however, are required by law in Kansas and Missouri to operate in good faith. If an insurance provider fails to act in good faith, they are breaking the law.

Car Crash Claims: Speak with a Compassionate Accident Attorney

Contact House Law LLC if your insurance provider has declined to settle your claim without good cause. We understand just how important compensation is for accident victims and will fight to make sure that you receive the results that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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