Your Guide to Recover Compensation for Lost Wages After a Car Crash in Missouri

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Your Guide to Recover Compensation for Lost Wages After a Car Crash in Missouri

While car crashes are largely preventable—the Missouri Department of Transportation reports that “human factors were definite or probable causes in about 94% of crashes”—the unfortunate reality is that they remain a serious safety risk. A serious crash could disrupt your entire life. You could be forced to take time off from work to recover from your injuries. In this article, our Kansas City car accident attorney provides a guide to recovering financial compensation for lost wages after a motor vehicle collision in Missouri.

Background: Missouri is a Fault-Based Auto Accident State

As a starting point, it is important to emphasize that Missouri is a fault-based motor vehicle accident state. If you were hurt in a crash in Kansas City, you must prove fault to another party—driver, trucking company, vehicle manufacturer, etc.—to hold them legally liable for your damages, including for lost wages. Every crash requires a comprehensive investigation. An experienced Kansas City auto accident lawyer can launch a prompt, detail-focused investigation of your crash—ensuring that you have all of the evidence you need to prove liability.

Lost Wages are an Economic Damage (Carefully Document Wage Loss)

In Missouri, injured car accident victims can seek compensation for their economic damages. Lost wages are a category of economic damages. Broadly explained, lost wages are the tangible financial losses that you incurred as a result of your accident and your injuries. This includes things like:

  • Missed paychecks; 
  • Loss of work businesses; 
  • Loss of commissions; and 
  • Missed tips.

Be prepared to document your damages. Always retain any documentation that can prove the amount of money that you have lost due to missed work. This can include pay stubs, direct deposit records, or a letter from your employer detailing your normal wages and the time you missed.

You Can Pursue Compensation for Long-Term Diminished Earning Capacity

Unfortunately, the aftermath of a car accident in Kansas City does not always end with just a few missed days or weeks of work. In cases where injuries are especially severe, you might find yourself facing long-term or even permanent impairments that affect your ability to earn a living at all. You may be forced to limit your work hours, transition to a lower-paying job, or even retire. In these cases, you can seek financial compensation not just for the wages that you have already lost, but for the future wages that you will miss out on due to your diminished earning capacity.

Contact Our Kansas City Car Accident Attorney for a Free Case Review

At House Law LLC, our Kansas City auto accident lawyer is an aggressive and experienced advocate for injured victims. If you were forced to miss work after a crash, we are here to help you fight for the maximum financial compensation. Contact us right away to set up your free consultation. With an office in Kansas City, we fight for the rights of car accident victims throughout Missouri.

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