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8 things to remember after a car accident

On your way home after a day of running errands on your day off, you are struck by another vehicle. The things you do after that crash can impact your future.

It is imperative that you take a few seconds to compose yourself so that you can make sure you are doing the right thing. Here are eight things for you to think about if you are involved in a crash.

#1: Call the police

Contacting the police is necessary in Missouri, even if the accident is minor. Your call to 911 can also get medical personnel to the scene.

#2: Seek medical care

Even if you don’t think you were injured, you should be evaluated by medical personnel. You don’t have to take an ambulance to the hospital if you weren’t seriously injured. However, you should still go see a doctor.

#3: Don’t admit fault

Be careful about what you say after the accident. Don’t say anything that might be construed as an admission of fault. This includes saying that you are sorry about the crash.

#4: Take pictures

Take pictures of the scene of the crash if you have a camera on your phone or in your vehicle. This can prove helpful if you need to show what happened.

#5: Write out your memories

Write out your memories about the accident as soon as you can get to a pen and paper. There is a chance that memories can change over time. Writing everything down makes sure that you keep everything straight about the accident and the events surrounding it.

#6: Keep track of accident-related expenses

Keep a record of how much you spend on accident-related expenses. Statements from medical care, information about the wages you missed and similar expenses can help you prove the damages from the crash.

#7: Make note of how your injuries affect your life

There is a chance that the accident can affect your life in ways that aren’t financial. Making note about how your injuries are impacting your life might be helpful later if you decide to pursue a claim for compensation.

#8: Explore your right to seek compensation

If the other driver was to blame for the crash, you might choose to seek compensation. Learning your options for doing this can help you decide what to do. Seeking compensation can help you to recoup some of the money you had to spend because of the crash.

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