Four Ways to Stay Safe Following a Car Accident During the Pandemic

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Four Ways to Stay Safe Following a Car Accident During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives. Missouri residents have had to learn to adapt to many new challenges during the past few months, and this has taken a profound emotional toll on many people. With the accompanying high-stress we are all experiencing, driving patterns are likely to become worse. If you are one of the unlucky people who are involved in a Missouri car accident during the pandemic, it is critical to know how to respond safely in the immediate aftermath. Not only will the following steps help to protect your legal rights to compensation, they can help to protect your physical health during a global pandemic.

# 1 – Follow Social Distancing Measures After the Accident

Before COVID-19, it was a good idea to approach the other driver to exchange important information like names, contact information, and insurance carriers. Nowadays, however, it is a good idea to follow social distancing, even after car accidents. You can still fulfill your legal duty without directly exchanging documents. Instead, you should keep a distance of six feet from the people in the other vehicle. If you have protection like a mask and gloves, you should make sure to wear them during this time. Rather than exchange written down information, get the other party’s cell phone number and exchange personal information via text or email. Pictures of insurance cards and driver’s licenses can then be exchanged via text.

In addition, always call 911 following a motor vehicle accident. The officers will document the accident and obtain appropriate identifying information and insurance information, which will be included in the police report.

# 2 – Promptly Seek Medical Treatment if You Have Injuries

If you are injured in the accident, you should promptly seek medical attention, just as you would have before the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the coronavirus, emergency workers are still working day and night to help those who are involved in accidents. Hospitals are taking extraordinary precautions to prevent COVID-19 exposure to patients and staff, which means that your health may be at greater risk if you do not seek treatment for injuries incurred in an accident.

# 3 – Proving Fault

As noted above, you should always call 911 following any motor vehicle collision. If you are able, you should also take photos of the scene and the vehicles and obtain names and numbers of any witnesses. This information can also prove critical in establishing how the collision occurred.

# 4 – Anticipate Delays

The process of obtaining compensation after your accident will likely take longer than usual. For example, issues involving medical carriers and insurance companies will likely take longer than usual. Some reasons for the delay in these services is that insurance carriers are overwhelmed and claim processing takes longer, court systems are encountering delays and postponements, and medical procedures like therapy are often delayed if they are not viewed as essential medical services by healthcare providers.

Speak with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Missouri and the rest of the country have changed quickly in a short period of time. If you are involved in a car accident, you should still remember that you have a right to pursue compensation. To schedule a free case evaluation with a Missouri car accident lawyer at House Law LLC, contact (816) 875 – 4260 to schedule a free case evaluation.


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