How Insurance Carriers Will Try to Deny Your Insurance Claim

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How Insurance Carriers Will Try to Deny Your Insurance Claim

If you were injured in a car crash caused by the negligence of another driver, you can expect to hear from that individual’s insurance carrier shortly after the crash. The carrier will say various things to give the impression that they care about your well-being, which means that they will likely express concerns about your well-being.

The insurance carrier might also state that you do not need to hire a personal injury lawyer to navigate your claim. This, however, is just one of several tactics that insurance carriers utilize to deny claims initiated by car accident victims. This article reviews some of the other tactics that insurance carriers commonly utilize to avoid paying out on car accident claims.

Hesitating to Process a Claim

Insurance carriers often promptly contact you after a crash occurs, but will then hesitate to do things like finalize claims. By hesitating, carriers hope to take advantage of the crash victim who often is exhausted and facing serious debt. Sometimes this means that insurance companies coerce accident victims into accepting a lower amount of compensation than what they deserve.

Recording Insurance Claims Too Quickly

Some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents including traumatic brain injuries are not immediately visible after car crashes. Often, these conditions do not appear life-threatening at first. With the appreciation that many injuries take time to worsen, insurance adjusters sometimes manipulate people into accepting claims of lower amounts.

Offering Less Than What an Accident Victim Deserves

The period after a car crash is often stressful. Even what might seem like a minor crash can end up being expensive. Many unforeseen costs can also often arise. For example, even if your vehicle received slight damage, you will likely still need to pay for alternative transportation during the time that your vehicle is being repaired. Your insurance carrier will likely understand that you are stressed about this situation and subsequently might offer a settlement that is low and barely covers any of your damages, which many accident victims accept because they are desperate to receive any type of compensation.

Denying Liability

Missouri and Kansas approach fault in accidents differently. Missouri follows a traditional fault system when it comes to financial responsibility for accidents. As a result, a person who is responsible for an accident in Missouri is responsible for all of the resulting harm. Kansas mandates that all drivers maintain at least $4,500.00 of Personal Injury Protection benefits, which is a type of no-fault coverage.  In general, when an injured person’s medical bills exceed $2,000.00, Kansas requires that the negligent driver reimburse the injured person for the losses the injured person has incurred.  In Missouri and Kansas, insurance carriers commonly attempt to claim that an injured person had some fault in an accident, even when there is no evidence of any comparative fault. Other carriers might attempt to say that their insured was partially responsible for what happened in the hopes that the other party will also accept some responsibility. Addressing an accident in such a way can lead to an accident victim receiving less than full compensation.

Speak With an Experienced Car Crash Attorney

Insurance carriers often use every claim as a learning experience to arrive at new ways to deny injury claims. Fortunately, at House Law LLC, we are prepared to fight for the results that accident victims deserve. Contact our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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