Six Strategies for Navigating a Car Accident Deposition

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Six Strategies for Navigating a Car Accident Deposition

If a personal injury lawsuit is filed in your car accident case, a process referred to as “discovery” occurs during which time both sides in a case will evaluate one another’s positions and gather evidence that can be used at trial. One of the most critical steps in the discovery process is the deposition of a car accident victim. Depositions afford the defendant’s attorney the opportunity to explore the factual basis for a lawsuit by asking you questions.

During this process, the defendant’s attorney will attempt to bring out facts that weaken the accident victim’s case in any way possible. It is critical for car crash victims to take depositions seriously and to be fully prepared. Below is some critical advice for car crash victims to make the deposition process as smoothly as possible.

Adequately Prepare

It is important to prepare yourself as much as possible before you go into a deposition. I always spend ample time with my clients prior to their depositions to make sure they are comfortable with the process and prepared. This means that I always review the most important points about the deposition in advance. And we will likely review key information about your accident including medical records and police reports. There are also some routine questions that are asked in most car accident depositions.

Carefully Consider the Questions Asked

You should avoid answering any questions that are not asked or providing any unnecessary information during your deposition. While you should try to answer each question fully, you should not feel compelled to volunteer anything else. To make sure you provide only the information necessary, you should listen to each question carefully. If you do not understand or are confused about any question, you should ask the lawyer to repeat it.

Avoid Guessing

There are often opportunities throughout a deposition when you might consider guessing at your answer. While we speak this way commonly in every day speech, you should absolutely avoid doing so during a deposition. If you are not sure of something, it is better to simply say so.

Do Not Joke

Some people tend to make jokes or laugh as a way to cope with nervousness. You should avoid doing so or using sarcasm during a deposition. You might make a joke answer that ends up getting recorded and treated as a serious answer.

Stay Calm

It is not unheard of for lawyers to become aggressive during depositions. In such a situation, it is easy to let your nerves get the best of you. Do your best to remain calm. The same advice remains true if the subject you are asked about is an emotional one.

Be Honest

The best attorneys can handle even the toughest case. This means that you should always tell the truth. You should also avoid exaggerating. Distorting the facts of your case will only hurt your case and harm your credibility.

Speak with an Experienced Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

The victims of car crashes deserve an adequate amount of compensation. If you or a loved one was injured in a car crash, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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