What You Need to Know About Bridge Accidents

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What You Need to Know About Bridge Accidents

Both Missouri and Kansas have some historic bridges over which many motorists travel. These bridges can offer beautiful sights of the surroundings, but they are often the site of crashes that lead to serious injuries and even death. Any person who is involved in an accident on a bridge should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The following are some of the unique considerations for victims of Kansas City bridge accidents.

Common Causes of Bridge Accidents

Car accidents can result from various factors. Some of the most common causes of bridge crashes include the following:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Inadequately marked ramps on the bridge
  • Improper lane changes
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Missing guardrails
  • Poor bridge design
  • Signals that fail to work properly
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating

How to Respond After a Bridge Crash

If you or a loved one is injured in a bridge crash, you should contact 911 and request emergency services right away. Law enforcement will likely arrive at the scene quickly to determine whether the situation is safe and call in experts who can assess the bridge’s condition. Law enforcement will also write a police report, which will prove vital when it comes to establishing who is responsible for causing the crash.

You should also make sure to receive medical attention from emergency responders at the scene. While your injuries might not be apparent, it is still a good idea to receive medical care. Some injuries can easily go overlooked following a crash and can worsen if they are left untreated.

If you can do so, you should take photographs of the bridge including any tire marks on the roadway. If other vehicles were also involved in the accident, you should document the condition of these vehicles. If you can, you should record the other vehicle’s license plate number as well as details about the other driver or drivers involved in the crash.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Bridge Crash

If you have been injured in a bridge crash, you may be able to pursue compensation for your damages from the party responsible for causing the crash. It is a good idea to contact an accident attorney who can help you pursue the compensation you deserve by doing the following:

  • Investigations. You will need to establish that another person was negligent in causing your injuries. In bridge accidents, this is often difficult and might require the assistance of an accident lawyer. If structural problems with the bridge caused the crash, we can utilize an expert review to determine the strength of the bridge.
  • Insurance negotiations. Following bridge crashes, you will likely be contacted by an insurance carrier. Try to give them a few details as possible, even if they seem to be on your side. Remember, insurance adjusters, are professionals who focus on settling for the lowest possible amount. With a skilled lawyer, your lawyers can handle negotiations after a bridge crash to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.
  • Proceeding to court. Most injury claims are resolved through the insurance carrier, but some proceed to court. In these situations, it often proves vital to have an experienced accident attorney in your corner.

Bridge Accidents: Speak With an Experienced Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bridge accident, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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