Why You Should Remain Consistent With Statements to Insurance Carriers

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Why You Should Remain Consistent With Statements to Insurance Carriers

Insurance carriers often scrutinize car accident cases looking for any reason to deny a claim, to defend a claim, or to delay paying on a claim. Inconsistency in statements is often used as a reason to deny these claims. Consequently, it is often a good idea to consider speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer before providing any statements to an insurance carrier. A lawyer can help you assess what to say to an insurance carrier to make sure that your claim is protected.

Dishonesty Damages Claims

One of the most common myths that accident victims face is that insurance carriers will not offer settlements unless an individual has experienced serious injuries. While insurance carriers frequently undervalue injury claims, an injured person should never exaggerate their injuries. Doing so will end up harming the claim because insurance companies and defense attorneys are excellent at investigation and determining whether an injured person is credible.  Distorting the severity of your claim could end up negatively impacting the outcome of your claim. For example, insurance companies often hire investigators to videotape injured people.

Consistency Protects Your Credibility

After filing a claim, accident victims are often asked to speak with insurance adjusters. In most cases, the adjuster will ask the accident victim to provide a statement to determine the extent of that individual’s damages. While the victim provides details, the adjuster will often inquire about the seriousness of the injuries. Insurance carriers document every statement that you provide during these conversations, and most if not all conversations will be recorded.

Handle the First Call Correctly

Following a car crash, you will be contacted by one or multiple insurance companies to provide a statement.  It is always best to contact an attorney BEFORE providing a statement.  An attorney can provide advice on giving the statement if it is necessary in a case.  For example, one should remember to remain calm and polite when discussing the accident.

Advice on Providing Consistent Details

When providing details about your accident, it is a good idea to use clear and concise language as well as to only address the facts of the accident. Avoid making any assumptions about the nature of your accident or injuries (many victims assume that the other driver was texting, even when they have no evidence of this—for example seeing the other person texting). Instead, remember that insurance carriers frequently try to trick crash victims into providing evidence or uttering statements that can later be used to damage the outcome of a case. When crash victims provide more details than are requested, the odds increase that something might be said that calls into question the accuracy of previous statements. Any details that you are uncertain about providing should first be discussed with your lawyer, who will be able to provide such information to the insurance carrier in a way that protects your case.

Speak With a Knowledgeable Car Crash Attorney

When car crashes occur, victims are often left uncertain about how to respond. One of the best steps that you can take is to promptly speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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