How Can You Establish Lost Income in a Car Crash Case?

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How Can You Establish Lost Income in a Car Crash Case?

If you were injured in a car or truck crash and were unable to work during your recovery, you might be able to pursue compensation for your lost wages. If your injuries were serious enough to leave you permanently unable to work, you might be able to pursue compensation for your future lost wages. There are some important types of evidence you can use to establish lost wages following a car crash.

The Difference Between Lost Future Earning Capacity and Lost Income

It is a good idea to appreciate the type of lost income you are pursuing as part of an accident claim because not all injury victims are eligible for the same type of lost income compensation. Car crash victims who experience a substantial disruption in their capacity to work might be able to receive compensation for any income lost until they can start working again. 

If a person experiences an injury that is serious enough to leave them unable to work any job or limits the type of work they can perform for the foreseeable future, they might be able to pursue compensation for loss of future earning capacity. If not for the injury, the accident victim would have been able to continue on the same career path and had a reasonable expectation of receiving a certain income. Compensation for loss of earning capacity is designed to make up for this loss. Pursuing compensation for any type of lost income should be done with assistance from a skilled personal injury lawyer. 

Evidence Utilize to Establish Lost Income in a Car Crash

Medical and financial details will be utilized to validate claims for either lost wages or earning capacity. 

  • Medical details

    Before collecting financial details to establish the amount of money that you have lost due to your inability to work, your attorneys must establish that you cannot work in the same capacity that you once could. Your lawyer will require documentation from your attorneys before explaining how much you can work and why limitations are placed on your ability to work.

  • Financial information

    If you are pursuing a claim for the income that you lost while you could not work, you might be required to gather financial details. Common examples of financial paperwork include income tax returns, pay stubs, and W-2s. 

Who Pays for Lost Income After Kansas and Missouri Car Crashes

Missouri is classified as an “at-fault” state for motor vehicle accident claims, which means that drivers who cause crashes are ultimately liable for paying damages. The state utilizes a “pure comparative fault” system, which means that multiple parties might be responsible for a car crash and each party’s degree of liability resolves how compensation is paid. 

Kansas, however, is a “no-fault” state, which means that crash victims often must first file a claim against their personal injury protection insurance, which exists to cover lost income for car victims regardless of who caused the accident. In Kansas, a claim can still be made against the at-fault driver provided the Kansas tort threshold of $2,000.00 has been met.  

Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney

The victims of car crashes caused by someone else’s negligence and who have been left unable to work due to their injuries might be able to receive compensation for past and future wages. An experienced attorney at House Law LLC can help car crash victims pursue the compensation they deserve, which might include lost wages. Contact our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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