How to Respond if You Suspect an Internal Injury After Missouri Car Crash

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How to Respond if You Suspect an Internal Injury After a Missouri Car Crash

Crash injuries are reported to be the eighth leading cause of death globally for all age groups. Some of the most serious injuries that occur in Missouri car crashes involve internal injuries. These injuries can be deadly because they a victim does not always have immediate symptoms to suggest that they are in a dire situation. But, internal injuries must be promptly treated and patients must make sure to receive sufficient care to avoid serious complications.

Given their seriousness, parties who cause internal injuries should be held responsible for the resulting damage. While it can be tough to fight for the results you deserve, an experienced attorney’s assistance can greatly increase your chances of obtaining favorable results.

Various Factors in Car Crashes Can Cause Internal Injuries

Even when they occur at low speeds, car crashes still involve significant force and momentum. At the point that a vehicle collides with another car, truck, concrete barrier, tree, utility pole, or another stationary object, the vehicle’s momentum is transferred to the bodies of the driver and passengers. A car crash victim’s internal organs can be significantly harmed by the force that is involved in car crashes.

Internal injuries sometimes result when airbags are deployed or motor vehicle occupants are ejected from vehicles. While internal injuries are not uncommon among motor vehicle occupants, they are particularly common in motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who have little to no protection from the great force exerted upon them in car accidents.

Car crashes often result in either blunt or penetrating trauma. Blunt trauma occurs when a car crash victim is injured due to the violent movement involved in a crash but does not involve punctured skin. Penetrating trauma occurs when the skin is punctured during a crash.

Common Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

The human body is a complex series of systems and organs. As a result, when a car crash occurs, various types of serious injuries may result. Some of the most common internal injuries that people face after car crashes include:

  • Broken or fractured ribs, which are particularly painful and take a substantial amount of time to heal.
  • Bleeding in the brain can occur if a person receives an open or closed head injury during a crash.
  • A “mild” traumatic brain injury can still occur, even if initial CT scans and MRIs do not reveal any bleeding in the brain.
  • Blood vessels in the body can be damaged as a result of car crashes.
  • The liver can be torn during an accident, which can create life-threatening complications
  • Lungs can become punctured and collapse.
  • The stomach and spleen can be ruptured.

Diagnosing Internal Injuries Can be Challenging

Internal injuries do not always immediately show symptoms that can be noticed. If a car crash victim does not exhibit obvious symptoms, it may be difficult to realize the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. In many cases involving internal injuries, if the victim fails to receive prompt medical attention, the victim’s health could worsen. Sometimes, a victim may even pass away because internal injuries following a car or truck crash are not adequately treated. It is important to make sure you and anyone else involved in a car accident promptly receive medical attention.

Contact an Experienced Kansas City Car Crash Attorney

Regardless of whether your car crash involves internal injuries, broken bones, fatalities, or soft tissue injuries, if someone else was responsible for causing your accident you should not hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Contact House Law LLC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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